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Coronatus - Photo

Genre: Gothic Metal
CORONATUS stands for Double-Female-Fronted-Metal from Germany. The unprecedented combination of the exceptional singer Carmen R. Lorch (formerly Schäfer) with the operatic vocals (also a guest musician at ILLUMINATE and BRAINSTORM, etc.) and rock voice Lisa Lasch sets new standards in their genre. The ingenious interplay between the two singers is the basis for both powerful and catchy as well as soulful metal compositions, on which the beautiful duets of the two ladies are able to put a unique finishing touch. The lyrics in English, German and Latin all contribute to the diversity that appeals to very different music tastes.

Within a few years CORONATUS has developed from a project to a steady combo with that everyone has to reckon in the metal scene. After first great national and international performances with bands like HAGGARD etc. in 2007 the first album ’’Lux Noctis’’ and 2008 the second album "Porta Obscura” were released on Massacre Records. Both albums were recorded and mixed in Klangschmiede Studio E by Markus Stock (THE VISION BLEAK) and mastered in the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki by Mika Jussila (NIGHTWISH, CHILDREN OF BODOM, etc.), and have already achieved a for newcomers unusual good sales result. In January 2008, CORONATUS played as direct support of WITHIN TEMPTATION in front of about 1500 visitors in the Petöfi Hall in Budapest, followed by further concerts with magnitudes of the metal scene like MIDNATTSOL, COPPELIUS, DORO, TARJA, EPICA and KRYPTERIA. Since its founding by George G., now retired, and drummer Mats Kurth the band often restructured, resulting in the current lineup of a very dynamic force. The new band members Aria Keramati Noori from Tehran, Iran, on guitar and Todd Goldfinger, New York, United States, on the bass guitar represent impressively the international qualities of the band. So CORONATUS often had the occasion to inspire the audience on major festivals, such as the Metal Female Voices Fest 2009, with spectacular performances.

The new album "Fabula Magna" will be released in December 2009 on Massacre Records. A driving, direct, sometimes aggressive rhythm section builds a unique, enthralling atmosphere, together with the embossed melodies by the piano, flute, bagpipe and fiddle on which the multi-faceted vocals of the two front women shine. CORONATUS is through the linkage of different music styles interesting for both fans of the heavier- and fans of the more emotional metal music. The band has proven their sense for rocking, energetic parts and for Ballads on their two previous albums. They have emerged a lot over the years. "Fabula Magna” comes with a new power and even more complex compositions. The lyrics range thematically between as many directions as linguistically, but are rooted primarily in the legends, stories and myths being told all over the world. So you could designate CORONATUS as modern bardics, which have devoted their whole hearts and souls to this matter. At Spring of 2010 year Carmen Lorch and Lisa Lasch left the band, a new soprano-vocalist Natalia Kempin became the singer (from Russian symphonic extreme metal band Arcane Grail). Also Mareike Makosch has joined to fill the roll of rock singer. On February 10, 2011, it was announced that Viola Schuch and Ada Flechtner will be coming back as the singer for the upcoming tour because Natalia had to leave the band due to different opinions that emerged between the band and the now ex-singer.

Von Engeln nur (Demo)(2002)
Promo CD (Demo)(2005)
Lux Noctis (2007)
Porta Obscura (2008)
Fabula Magna (2009)
Terra Incognita (2011)
Best of (Compilation)(2011)

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